Saturday, August 24, 2019

New Blog

I started another blog. Something simple enough that I could knock out a few posts on a whim. Basically each post is a list of songs that I most identify with a band or artist in Fifteen Songs or Less. Feel free to play along.

This blog is not dead. I have a few projects done that I want to post but my Mega account is almost full. I use it for this blog and my Beatles blog and as a transfer point of reference mixes for bands I work with. So, because I'm too cheap to spend a little cash and upgrade to a paid account, I have to open another free account and transfer some files. And because I'm a lazy bastard that just started a new job with no computer access I'm not sure when I'll get around to that.

[My uncle painted the picture]


  1. I like your uncle's painting.

    1. Thanks, it hangs proudly in my home. That's how he paid for college.