Friday, September 15, 2023

Remco Hendriks - Remco's Groove Lab

Two Posts in one month! I'm on a roll. When I published my last post, noting it was YouTube month I remembered Dutch bassist Remco Hendriks and my desire to put together and album's worth of tracks from his YouTube channel. There is a lot there so I focused on one playlist that features a live drummer, his videos are either solo or have a drum backing track, (some live and some canned?). I've mentioned before my preference for songs with vocals over instrumentals but sometimes exceptions must be made and Remco is worthy of that exception. Besides YouTube you can find Remco on iTunes, Spotify and elsewhere (links below) so go show him some love.

Remco describes his channel thusly "On this channel you can find one-take performances recorded on video. No edits, no talk, just good ol' funky music. All bass and all original compositions, hope you'll enjoy!". Watching him play is just as much fun as listening to him, maybe more. As a bassist myself, he and I share some things in common in style and technique but like Micheal Hedges for acoustic guitar, Remco takes things to a whole other level (I still can't slap with conviction). I should be so lucky to be able to do half the things he does. Enjoy.

01 Funk with Chords
02 Experimental Fretless Funk Rock 
03 Fingerstyle Funk
04 Fretless Funk
05 Funk Rock Fingerpicking
06 Freaky Funk Rock
07 OC-2 Octaver Dirty Bass
08 Thumb & Fingerstyle Funk Rock
09 Chill Funk
10 Funk Rock in 7/8
11 Shuffle Feel Funk
12 Fretless with Harmonics
13 6/8 Funk Slap
14 Dirty Fretless Rock Bass
15 Dirty Fretless Rock Bass #2
16 Experimental Funk Rock Slap Bass
17 Heavy Groove
18 Fretless Funk Jam

Reality Notes
I have been a subscriber of Remco's channel for some time now and I still haven't watched every video there. There are so many! Cutting the playlist down to a CD's worth wasn't easy. I started with the longest tracks and worked my way down from there. I kept them in the order they appear in the playlist.

The cover is a screenshot from one of the videos, cropped and slightly altered with added text and an image from one of his albums. Track titles were derived from the video titles which are more descriptions of style and technique with some redundant wording edited out.

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